thin house


gross area
lot area
1,600 sq. ft.
4,000 sq. ft.
2 + 1

The duplex is situated on a narrow site on the Plateau Mont-Royal. Each unit is 10 ft, 8 in wide and 56 ft long with a 35 ft tall atrium. The vertical division allows an entry door at street level, a back garden and skylight for both units. The city required on-site parking and as a result the entry door is made up of three doors which can open up completely to the street. Both garage areas are now used as studio spaces. The split in the section from the front to the back of the house creates a series of flexible live/work spaces.

The design stresses section over plan and volume over area, with the qualitative aspects of the design overriding the dimensional restrictions of the site. The result is a thin vertical loft that seems more spacious than its width suggests. The exterior addresses the context of the street while maintaining an industrial edge, with the use of galvanized exposed C-Sections, folded metal cornices and for the back elevation corrugated metal siding. The design offers an innovative prototype for the city in order to develop other narrow and marginal sites for inner-city neighbourhoods as well as high density suburban housing developments.

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